Classroom Expectations

  • Burgard High School Machine Shop Rules

    1. Eye protection is ALWAYS required in the shop.
    2. Running and Horseplay will not be tolerated in the classroom or the shop.
    3. Absolutely no cell phones or earphones in the classroom or the shop.
    4. Food or drinks are not permitted in the shop area.
    5. NEVER operate machinery unless instructed to do so by the instructor.
    6. No one is allowed to work in the shop area alone.
    7. Be respectful of other people’s property. “Keep your hands to yourself!”
    8. Profanity, vulgarity, or improper gestures or language are not permitted anywhere in the school.
    9. Please be respectful and mature; proper voice levels for the situation.
    10. Please report any injuries to the instructor immediately.
    11. Accidents happen, please report all broken tools, parts or machinery to the teacher.
    12. Be prepared for class/shop; must have proper clothing, homework, books, notebooks, portfolios, pens and pencils every day.
    13. Students must have a pass if tardy to class.
    14. Students are Responsible for cleaning up their areas.
    15. Students are Responsible for making up the missed work if absent. He or she must make arrangements with the teacher.
    16. Compressed air is not for cleaning machines or hair/clothing.
    17. Hoodies, jewelry, and earrings are not allowed in the shop; Long hair is to be tied back properly for safety.
    18. Proper attire including footwear is a must in the shop area.
    19. Computers are only to be used for schoolwork.
    20. All Burgard Rules and District Policies are enforced.


    Instructor: _____Mr. Melber___________________        Room      # 321 & 414__

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