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Bethany Brown

Welcome to MST 196.  We are excited to have you.

Please feel free to reach out by email: or by text: 716-650-0455 or by phone: 716-816-3501 ext 1600.

Dear MST 196 Middle School Families,

It was an incredibly challenging Spring, but we came together and persevered.

We are starting off this year with Virtual Learning.  This is new for students, parents and staff.  We appreciate your willingess to work with us as we work together to 

build a strong virtual program of learning.  We appreciate and value your support.  We know that we cannot be successful at virtual learning without your help.  Please see our communication flowchart

to see how you can keep in contact with staff here in the building.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Thank you all for your commitment and diligence to making this year a success under extreme circumstances of a pandemic. Together we certainly are #MST Strong. 

Yours in partnership,

Bethany L Brown