5th grade at City Honors

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!



    Dear Parents,

         Welcome to our web site for room #25 for the school year 2019/2020.  I am very excited about having another way in which to keep in contact with parents.

        Things that I feel are very important for the success of my 5th grade students are:

    1.  Developing a sense of responsibility- Students will demonstrate this by filling out their planner, writing down their own assignments and having a parent sign their planner on a daily basis. We are working toward independence so that the students will be ready for the demands of 6th grade.

    2.  Students need to take responsibility for and complete their homework, including studying math facts and spelling words as independently as possible.  It is fine if they ask for help and need some assistance, but they need to realize that the homework is important and it is their task and not their parents.  We make sure the students know what their homework responsibilities are before they leave for the day and allow them to ask questions.  Homework is never new material, it is a reflection of what we are working on in the classroom.  It often is a review of a skill that  students may be struggling with and need extra practice on.

    3.  Students should be remembering to bring all school materials back on a daily basis, including signed planner, take home folder with completed homework and any permission slips due.  Also, students should bring their gym clothes and sneakers for gym class.  We have asked the students not to share clothes if they forget their own for sanitary reasons. Students are not required to change into gym clothes, but may if they want to.  If they don't change they must be wearing jogging shorts or pants and a t-shirt.  No jean shorts are  allowed.  Students also must have sneakers for gym. Students are very active and get very sweaty in gym, so it's healthier to change.  We also asked the students to take their gym clothes home once a week to be cleaned.  

    4.  My goal is for your child to enjoy coming to school and being a part of the City Honor's experience.  I will do my best to make sure your child is engaged, learning, growing and feels safe and secure in my classroom.  We will have a wonderful year.

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