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    Buffalo Public Schools

    Occupational Training Center




    Our school year is moving very quickly, and I want to provide you with some important dates.  


    • June 1st – Exam Day - – no school for students – only those students taking the exam.


    • June 2nd – Senior Awards Day – in the school gymnasium at 9:00 a.m.


    • June 9th – The OTC Semi-Formal Dance – during school hours.


    • June 13th – Last of classes


    • June 22nd – Graduation of OTC students.


    As our school year comes to a close, we know that September will be here before we know it. As you may be aware, a new bell system is being implemented throughout our school district. This was necessary to ensure that all of our students have equitable access to:


    • Safer and shorter bus rides
    • Increased instructional time during the school day
    • Extended learning time programs
    • Sports programs.


    Beginning in September 2023, our new student arrival time will be 7:30 and our student dismissal time will be 2:15.


    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Principal Vitale




    Parent Portal - Please share this promotional link with parents and encourage them to connect to the parent portal https://vimeo.com/677946332


    Portal Electronic Sign Up Form:

    Do parents need help signing up?   If yes, send them the link below and ask them to fill out the form.  The form will go to the IC Second Support team. We will create the parent's portal account and email the parent their log in credentials. https://www.buffaloschools.org//cms/module/selectsurvey/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=269

    These are the point person for specific questions and requests –  

    • Ms. Diez – handles change of address & phone numbers – messages to staff members. 
    • Mr. Smith, Transportation Coordinator – yellow bus questions and requests – student drop off permissions. 
    • Mrs. Lapham  – Travel training using the Metro System – Student Bus Passes. 
    • Mr. Whiteside – Questions about the academic program and implementation of the student’s IEP. 
    • Mrs. Jennings – Questions related to social work – community services and family involvement.  
    • Nurse Anna – Medical questions – both personal and COVID related.    


    Transportation Contact phone number - Click here 

    Transportation Change Form -  Click Here    

    May 16, 2023 



    Dear Parent / Caretaker, 


    Effective immediately, our district has required that our school must adhere to the following field trip guidelines, as a means to help ensure wellness for all.  These protocols must be followed while on a one day or multiple day field trip.  Any deviation of the below will likely result in disciplinary actions as outlined in the District’s Code of Conduct. 



    Student Safety Protocols for All BPS Field Trips 


    • Do not bring any illegal contraband or alcohol on field trips.  


    • Do not bring any weapons or dangerous instruments on the field trips. 


    • Backpacks will be searched prior to boarding buses upon departure and returning. 


    • Students must stay with classmates, teachers or chaperone at all times. Do not go off alone. 


    • Chaperones must be aware of the students’ whereabouts at all times. 


    • Keep to the field trip schedule.  


    We appreciate your understanding and support. Be well. 


    Best regards, 



    Principal Vitale