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    June 6,2022 


    Dear Parents and Guardians 

    We are preparing for the end of the school year and the following are important dates. 


    Computer inventory – we are currently inventorying all computers. Students attending summer school will leave their computer with their teacher, so it is available for updates. Students not attending the summer program have the option of taking their computer home. Please let your child’s teacher know your preference.    


    Students exiting in June 2022 – Computers are being collected on Friday June 10th – Students need to turn in their computer and charger, or the district will contact you. Please review the district’s IT website for additional information. 


    June 14th – this is the last day of student attendance.  


    July 6th – this is the first day of summer school. The program ends on August 12th. 


    OTC Graduation is June 23rd at 1:00 p.m. - only those students that are graduating and their guests will be admitted to the event. Graduating students must report no later than 12:30 so they are ready to participate.  


    Please contact me if you have any questions about our end of the year close out.  


    Principal Vitale 





    The safety ​and security of our students ​and staff is our ​highest priority​!  After the horrific Buffalo and Texas Mass Shootings, any person who wishes to enter a school MUST call ahead and obtain prior approval to entering the building.  This includes parents, caregivers, siblings, and vendors; NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. 


    For the safety of all, the doors at each of our school locations will remain locked during the school day.  There are camera monitors at the front entrance of each of our school sites.  If reporting for a scheduled meeting, ALL visitors will need to announce their name and the name of their child to be buzzed into the school.  Upon entry, visitors may be subjected to a wanding and/ or a search process for additional safety measures.  The Buffalo Police Department and/or Buffalo Public Schools Security staff will have​ a presence in and around schools for an undetermined amount of time.  Thank you.


    May 22, 2022 


    Dear Parents & Guardians, 


    We are continuing our plan of support for OTC students this week. The focus is going to be on Character Traits – Compassion, Responsibility, Initiative, and Adaptability. Our goal is to develop these traits in each student so they can advocate for their transition plan. All are going to face our lives, but we need to know how to overcome it. Please talk to your child about these skills and how they can continue to move forward with their plan. 


    I need your help with monitoring social media usage.  There have been too many negative posts on social media platforms. I have seen an increase in social tension at school because of threats and miscommunication. The student support team is addressing individual cases and social media usage is being taught during health class. It is everyone’s responsibility to help curb the negativity that has been posted. 


    Reach out to me or your child’s teacher if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions. There are only 4 weeks left to the school year and I want them to be happy ones. The last day of school is Tuesday, June 14th  


    Important dates 

    May 30th – No School Memorial Day 

    June 1st – No School for Students – Regents Exam Day 

    June 14th – Last Day of Instruction  

    June 23rd – Graduation at 1:00  

    July 5th – First day of Summer School  



    Principal Vitale 



    District Announcement -  


    May 21, 2022 


    To all in our Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) Learning Community 


    This past week, has been the saddest and most trying of times that we in the Buffalo Public Schools, have ever faced. It has been filled with extreme trauma and unexplainable grief, at the senseless and horrific loss of ten beautiful lives.  


    Hate in any form is poisonous and unacceptable! It will not be tolerated in any form, in any of our schools. I am urging all BPS employees, students, families, and community members to report all hate messaging, which they may experience or witness. It is important to understand that silence is complicity, and we must not be complicit to evil and wrongdoing. My plea is that “if you see or hear something… report it… swiftly!”! Do not stand by and hope that someone else will report it. WE MUST BE THE CHANGE; WE WANT TO SEE! The future of our children requires this!  

    We have also witnessed, in this last week, unyielding kindness and a coming together, in our “City of Good Neighbors” like I have never seen before! It gives us all hope for better tomorrows, even in this moment of deep despair.  


    I must share that I could not be prouder of our BPS employees. Every single one! You came together this past week to: care for, teach, and support our beautiful students, while suffering from your own grief over this tragedy. The professionalism and genuine concern that I witnessed, is best in class! Thank you!! 


    To our BPS students and families please continue to demonstrate resiliency, trust, and courage. I know that this last week was confusing, frightening, and may have evoked feelings of anxiety for you… rightfully so! But, despite this YOU have showed our country that your EDUCATION MATTERS and that we shall not allow cowardly and hateful acts of violence to interrupt the BPS mission and vision! I am deeply appreciative to you. We know that you have hopes and dreams for a bright and productive future, and we as the educators in your lives take our role seriously, in helping each of you to reach all of your goals.  


    Finally, to our school- based community partners; you have stood shoulder to shoulder with us, embodying the meaning of true partnership! Thank you for meeting the call of duty and providing generous and thoughtful support to the children and staff in our schools. …AND STILL WE RISE!  


    Yours Truly,  

    Dr. Tonja M. Williams, Interim Superintendent  

    CC: Members of the Board of Education 

    May 17, 2022 

    Dear Parents   

    Things have been going well at OTC – We engaged students in Circle Meetings and used the Zones of Regulations to discuss emotions. The conversations were focused and sincere. Today we’re going to allow students to listen to the president's press conference.  


    I appreciate parents that have been communicating with teachers. Your insights help us to understand your child better. Please continue to keep these lines open and don’t hesitate to call. 


    For the next Two Weeks we focus on 4 Wellness Priorities: 

    Priority #1- Safety and Security- Clerks must be astute to who is being let into schools, if there are security issues contact Ex. Director Wagstaff or Director Wright, follow all established protocols for 9-1-1 calls. 


    Priority #2- Social Emotional/ Mental Health Wellness- SST's should be ready to receive students needing individual support, Mental Health Clinics in schools have been cleared to work with any student needing such support over the next several weeks, approve time in the day for CIRCLES to run (if prompts are needed to help teachers contact Aundrea Sanders or Mai Nguyen), Aundrea Sanders has info. on community counseling resources for families if needed. 


    Priority #3- Nutrition and Medical Wellness- We are still in a pandemic so please continue to ensure that all are mindful of COVID mitigation strategies.  Nurses should be on standby that students experiencing anxiety may have physical ailments (stomachaches, headaches, etc.)... so they should be ready to receive them.  All students should be served breakfast and lunch. 


    Priority #4- Instructional Wellness- Dr. Morrell has created an Anti-racist module that can be used to teach students about tolerance, resilience, etc.  In addition, Anne Botticelli is working with Michele A'gosto, James Schwanz, and Julie Romain to create lessons that will allow students to express their concerns, fears, and grief in various ways. 



    Principal Vitale 





    May 15, 2022

    Dear BPS Staff and Families,


    We are all saddened by the senseless mass shooting that took place yesterday at Tops Supermarket.Our entire community will be forever impacted by this tragedy, which resulted in the loss of ten lives and three additional persons who were injured. We have learned that several of the victims are related to students and staff in our BPS community. There were also countless witnesses who are traumatized and who are directly connected to our students and staff.

    In addition, the magnitude of news and social media outlets that continue covering this tragedy, make it likely that most youngest learners, have heard conversations and may have even seen some very explicit, disturbing photos of yesterday’s events. We are all beyond devastated and are deeply grieving for the families and for our community.

    However, as our Mayor stated yesterday, the City of Buffalo is known as the City of Good Neighbors. It is necessary for us to begin our healing process, and WE WILL!! We are grateful for the bravery of the countless heroes and first responders who took immediate action to protect and save lives.

    This is a time for healing for our entire school community. We must come together to support one another. We will lean on each other and we will be BPS Strong!Healing will be an on-going process. We must work together and demonstrate sensitivity, openness, and genuine care as we try to make sense of this horrific act of hate and evil. Flags at all BPS schools will be flown at half-mast, for ten school days, in a show of respect and solidarity for the loss of each life.

    I am requesting that principals begin the day tomorrow with Circles’meetings in all classrooms. Principals will provide safe spaces, in each school, for students and staff to speak with our trained counselors, psychologists, and social workers, if needed. Our Crisis Team will be reaching out to families who were directly impacted to provide supports. We will partner with Restorative Justice and mental health agencies to be present at schools where principals request such support.

    Families are encouraged to avail themselves to community counseling today and Monday at Johnnie B. Wiley Center located at 1100 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo,New York 14208 from 9:00 am -9:00 pm.Let us pray for each of the victims, their families, and be a support for one another as never before!



    Dr. Tonja M. Williams 

    Interim Superintendent



    These are the point person for specific questions and requests –  

    • Mrs. Campbell, School Clerk – handles change of address & phone numbers – messages to staff members. 
    • Mr. Smith, Transportation Coordinator – yellow bus questions and requests – student drop off permissions. 
    • Mrs. Lapham  – Travel training using the Metro System – Student Bus Passes. 
    • Mr. Whiteside – Questions about the academic program and implementation of the student’s IEP. 
    • Mrs. Jennings – Questions related to social work – community services and family involvement.  
    • Nurse Anna – Medical questions – both personal and COVID related. 
    • Mrs. Williams – Food Service questions.   


    Everyone can be reached by calling 816-3250 and speaking with Mrs. Campbell. 

    Transportation Contact phone number - Click here 

    Transportation Change Form -  Click Here    

     Mask Exemption Procedures - Request for review by the district's medical team - Click here 


    School Based COVID 19 Safety and Protection Protocols:



    Mask are required for all persons inside of our school, regardless of vaccination status.  No exceptions.  If students do not have a mask, the school will provide the student with a mask.  If students refuse to wear to mask, restorative disciplinary measures may be implemented according to the BPS Code of Conduct.

    COVID-19 Testing

    To ensure safety for all, parents will need to SIGN OFF TO CONSENT to ensure that their child(ren) can participate in randomized less invasive PCR testing at no charge.  Testing of all non-vaccinated adults will happen weekly.  30% of vaccinated staff and all consented students will happen weekly. There will be a 24-hour mandatory turnaround for results.

    Social Distancing

    Schools will adhere to the CDC distancing requirement of a minimum of 3 ft. amongst persons.


    When Your Child is ill

    When your child is ill before the start of the school day, it is required that you keep your child home.  If your child becomes ill during the school day, the student will report to the school’s Isolation Room and you will be contacted to pick the child up, as quickly as possible.

    Immunization Requirement

    Please be informed that it is a New York State Requirement that all students participating during in-school learning have up to date immunizations on file in their schools.


    School Rules for OTC 

    • Follow directions. 
    • Be a good listener. 
    • Be respectful of others. 
    • Use an inside voice and no bad language. 
    • Be nice to each other.