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    2022 - Welcome Back! 

    We are all looking forward to another wonderful year in music at School 99, the Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center!

    Music Curriculum


    Music class is a place where students can develop their talents for singing, instruments, dancing and creative dramatics.
    Students will listen to music from many cultures around the world, learn about music-fundamentals like rhythm and pitch, and participate in classroom or school-wide performances.

    Music learning experiences are carefully aligned to the school's IB Programme of Inquiry at all grade levels, as well as Common Core Standards for Music.
    Through hands-on learning in music, students will develop the IB Learner Profile traits, to become balanced, caring, communicators, inquirers, knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, reflective, risk takers and thinkers.
    Music Class Expectations
    Students are expected to follow the school-wide rules of being Safe, Respectful, Cooperative, Active Learners in music.

    Grades are based on weekly participation and accomplishment of base-line skills.
    Attention parents of students entering 4th Grade:

    If your child is interested in attending the Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (BAVPA) for 5th grade, please be aware that audition dates are usually in the fall.

    I will be more than happy to write a letter of recommendation.

    Contact BAVPA for details: 816-4220.

    Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    Parents are welcome to volunteer as music class helpers (by appointment) and at school concerts or other events (dates TBA).

    In the fall we usually take a field trip to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Parents may attend for free, and may ride the school bus along with students or meet at Kleinhans Music Hall. See details below.

    Here's to a great school year!
    Please feel free to stop by the music classroom, call or email me if you would like to know more about our music program. 

    Kilissa Cissoko
    716-816-4180, x 1154

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    Who We Are - Musical Citizenship

    In music class students develop skills for Musical Citizenship.

    Students will discuss how to be a good citizen in our community and in our music class. They will analyze examples of responsible and cooperative choices that good citizens make. They will connect key concepts of citizenship to grow into peaceful, collaborative music makers.

    Mastery learning goals are to develop active listening, creative movement, body rhythms and foundational singing skills.

    Our budding Musical Citizens shall engage with culturally inclusive patriotic songs.

    To practice at home, click the link below to access "Songs About America" PowerPoint resource.  You may also scan the QR code. The resource includes lyrics and links to videos. Students may listen to all the songs, but should focus on their grade-level assignments outlined in the powerpoint so they can become more familiar with the music and lyrics.

    Songs About America Link 

    Songs About America QR Code


    How We Organize Ourselves

    Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Field Trips

    Students in Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 will take a field trip to hear Buffalo's world-class orchestra at Kleinhan's Music Hall. 

    Please sign permission slips. Parents may attend for free.

    Materials to learn about the orchestra are posted on Schoology in your child's music course.

    BPO dates 2022


    Winter Celebration Concert

    On Thursday, December 22, all students will perform on the stage in our Imagination Center Auditorium to showcase their learning in music.

    The program teaches children about the diverse holidays celebrated in our community. Each song connects to the days of Kwanzaa.

    Parents are welcome and there will be other fun and educational activities to take part in throughout the day.

    Winter Celebration Program and Schedule

    Parent Teacher Conferences
    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Please take note of the grade and comments for music class on your child's report card. 

    Additional messages may be sent out to parents on Class Dojo. 

    If you have any questions please email: or message me on Class Dojo.