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Global Scholars Program

Buffalo Public School students are shining as they are actively participating in Global Scholars Program. This year Global Scholars students are investigating the local and global impacts of consumption. Students have examined their own consumption, the sustainability of products they purchase, and analyzed the effects of their consumption choices. They have also investigated how choices our city makes to produce and deliver resources, such as transportation and electrical grid, impacts public health, ecosystems, and economy. While examining city systems students have focused on researching Buffalo's transportation system's accessibility and sustainability. To help give students more insightful information on the transportation department, Mr. Morrell,  the Deputy Director of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, was interviewed on his expertise of the system and that interview was delivered to the students by their teachers via Nearpod lessons. Click here to view Mr. Morrell’s, NFTA interview.


To display their learning of the city systems, classes globally and here in Buffalo created community guides about the sustainability and accessibility of the system. Students also thoughtfully, gave recommendations on how to improve the accessibility of the transportation system. Out of hundreds of projects, four classes here in Buffalo were chosen as exemplars by the Global Cities team in New York City.  Those projects will be used as model projects globally and to be highlighted on social media.


It is an honor for our district that the below projects were selected. This is a direct reflection on excellence of the Global Scholars teacher teams.


P.S 79, PFC William J Grabriarz School of Excellence Global Scholars Transportation System Project
School 79's Global Scholars teaching team: Matthew Boyle, Sharon Davis, Rosangela Dexter, Amy Flynn, and Shane Hornquist


P.S. 80, Highgate Heights Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project

School 80's Global Scholars teaching team: Angela Beathley, Jeffery Filippelli, Atisha Lacey, Todd Robinson, and Stephanie Ventralino. 


Two projects were selected from School 81!

P.S. 81, Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project 1

P.S. 81, Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project 2

School 81's Global Scholars teaching team: Tara Bukowski and Jennifer Orengo