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Jennifer Mecozzi

West District Member 


 Jen mec

Jennifer Lea Mecozzi has been the Board's West Side Representative since July 1st, 2016.


Jennifer has spent most of her life as a proud resident of Buffalo, where she was raised. After high school, Jennifer returned to spend her adult life in the West Side where she is now raising a family of her own. With a previous career in the challenging field of Hospitality, and a current career in the field of Social Justice, running for the West District seat was a natural next step. Her dedication to bring people together and raise a collective voice to hold our elected officials accountable for the betterment of their constituents, is an agenda that drives her every day.  As a proven community leader, Jennifer is committed to be a positive and guiding example, proving that education, titles and access are not the only tools necessary to gain community support and win a seat in the political realm.


As a member and key player in many community-based organizations, Jennifer is also recognized as a trainer on community issues and strategies, and has been consistently asked to speak at National/state/and local levels about her leadership experience here in the City of Buffalo.


Rooted in faith, Jennifer is a proud mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters, grandmother of twin girls and is deeply dedicated to her family and their growth.  With 1 son in the Buffalo Public Schools currently and 2 daughters who have graduated with Honors from Buffalo Public Schools, she is determined to make sure the communication between the community and the district will be transparent and productive.  As a result, Jennifer brings community voice to the table.   Jennifer Mecozzi's goal as the West District Member is to be an instrument of change to promote systematic equity to the children and families in Buffalo and within the Buffalo Public Schools.