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Buffalo Strong Display

The Student Support Team at Waterfront Elementary, created this display with their students and staff last week.
As they discussed what the Waterfront Family could do to help all of us grieve the terrible loss of life at the Tops on Jefferson Ave, they decided to ask the students and staff to write messages of encouragement and love on heart cutouts.  
One of #95's Speech Therapists, Natalie Ertel, was asked to design the buffalo, which she did by hand, based on the broken hearted buffalo on the BPS homepage.
The new Buffalo Strong display is now hanging proudly in the atrium for all staff and students to see.  Many students and staff members have stopped to read all the positive messages that others have written.  The messages that the students and staff wrote were powerful and this opportunity gave all of us a way to begin to heal our broken hearts.

Marc Renzoni, M.S.

School Psychologist

Waterfront Elementary

95 Fourth Street

Buffalo, NY 14202