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Student Support Services

The SST is available to assist students who may need additional intervention

to succeed in school. The SST is comprised of the following staff members:

  • Tracy Sylvia, School Psychologist
  • Amy Regian, Licensed Social Worker
  • Crystal Shaw, School Counselor
  • Luis Insaunti, Attendance Teacher
  • Lana Orange, Mental Health Clinician
  • Jon Krol, Say Yes Family Support Specialist

To receive support from a member of the SST, please complete the electronic 59 A  Request For Assistance Form by selecting the following line  or completing a hard copy form located in the main office and placing it in the SST mailbox.

Tracy Sylvia
59 A School Psychologist
Office Hours
9am-11am Monday and Friday

Naomi Carey

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

School Psychologist 

BPS #59 & #65