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District Statement
Negotiation News: 9-27-2019
The District and the Buffalo Teachers Federation began contract negotiations on Wednesday September 25th. Initial proposals were exchanged and reviewed by both parties. The Buffalo Teachers Federation immediately released highly inflammatory disinformation regarding the District's proposals.
As required by The Taylor Law, the District intends to bargain in good faith and will not negotiate publicly, thereby negatively impacting negotiations. Our adherence to this fundamental principle of negotiation does not allow us to say what our proposals contain. We are willing to say that our proposals do not contain what BTF leadership has shared with our valued teachers who work tirelessly on behalf of our students every day.
The Board of Education has demonstrated a commitment to provide greater access, equity, opportunity, and quality to both academics and the arts. The District will continue to execute on the core values of the Education Bargain, which includes rigorous elementary education incorporating reduced class size for early elementary grades, strong community schools, new innovative high schools, extended learning excellence for all our students, services for our neediest children and families, and a new relationship with our teachers. The District will continue to negotiate in good faith in the best interest of our children, while continuing to foster strong, collaborative relationships with our teachers.