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Project Play Western New York

Project Play was founded on the principles that all kids, regardless of zip code or ability, should have access to high-quality youth sport experiences. 

On an individual level, we know the myriad of physical, mental, social and emotional, and academic benefits young people experience as a result of being physically active and participating in youth sports.

Each Play Pack has a QR code through which students, fourth through eighth grade, register for the Free Play Challenge: PE Edition. PPWNY will send the BPS Physical Education teachers the Free Play Challenge the Thursday before. The BPS teachers can ask any questions about the upcoming week’s challenge so they are prepared to teach the activity on Monday. Each week, Project Play WNY will select a winner from each grade level to receive additional free play equipment. To be considered for a prize, students must submit a picture, video or testimonial to to qualify!

Below are the winners from Week 20 & 21



Week 20

Riley Swartz – Grade 4

William Courtney – Grade 6


Week 21

Merriah Game – Grade 8

Aliah Berrios – Grade 5

Leila Rivera Santiago – Grade 5