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Click here for School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition) English version
Day 1   Laughter reduces stress and can even help people stay healthier. Make it a tradition to have a regular family comedy night. You might tell jokes, play charades and act out silly scenarios, or watch a funny movie together.
Day 2   Add a math twist to your next game of Go Fish. Instead of asking “Do you have any fives?” use a math problem. Examples: “Do you have 3 + 2?” or “Do you have 15 ÷ 3?” Your child will get a math workout while making up problems and solving them.
Day 3   Put on your thinking caps! Choose three words that have a letter in common (“red,” “grow,” “bark”) and write them down with that letter left out (“_ed,” “g_ow,” “ba_k”). Can your child decide what’s missing? Swap roles and let your youngster give you three words.
Day 4   Children can ask up to 300 questions per day! Instead of answering right away, encourage curiosity by asking your child to respond. Questions like “What do you think?” and “How can we find out?” get your youngster thinking and exploring.
Day 5   Ask your child to make a word triangle. Start by writing a single letter (T). Underneath, write a 2-letter word that starts with the original letter (“to”). Add a 3-letter word under that (“tap”). How big can your youngster’s triangle grow?
Day 6   Create family connections by finding common interests. Maybe your family enjoys working jigsaw puzzles, for example. Or they might like playing Monopoly or singing karaoke. Whatever your family likes, set aside a regular time to do it together.
Day 7   Play with place value. Have each player draw 4 blanks: __ __ __ __. Take turns rolling a die and putting the number in one of the blanks until they’re all filled. The person with the biggest 4-digit number wins. Play again with 5-digit numbers.