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Big Sister-Little Sister Dialogues

On Friday,  November 12, 2022, the Big Sister-Little Sister Dialogues program will commence programming for the 2021-2022 school year with Dr. Callie Johnson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at the Albright-Knox Art Museum, as the Keynote Speaker. 

The Uncrowned Queens Research Institute, Inc. in partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools will launch its girls mentoring program for high school girls representing every high school across the District.  The vision of Uncrowned Queens Institute President, Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold, the Big Sister-Little Sister Dialogues initiative aims to empower young women of color through activities that will help them to identify and clarify educational goals; to develop network opportunities with experienced women; to nurture aspirations; to expand information on current issues; and to engage in soft skills enhancement with an understanding that younger women especially can benefit from ongoing communication with their more experienced counterparts. 

This year-long mentoring program will engage 31 girls of color and focuses on supporting college & career readiness, school attendance, and improving graduation rates. Program highlights include instructional workshops with mentors, high profile women of color serving as Keynote speakers, culturally relevant history lessons and excursions, college tours, worksite job shadowing opportunities, opportunities for raising scholar voice and enhancing public speaking skills, and instructional lessons and workshops which focuses on women’s issues and unique challenges and opportunities facing girls and women of color.  


Supported by the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, the program is in its third year of operation.