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Urban Forum 2023: A Black Cultural Explosion

Urban Forum 2023: A Black Cultural Explosion


February 16, 2023, 8:15am at East Community High School







Please join the Office of CLRI for Urban forum 2023: A Black Cultural Explosion. The intended purpose of the Urban Forum: A Black Cultural Explosion, is to open a shared dialogue with all stakeholders. This year’s sessions will focus on Black heritage and genius prior to enslavement, the beginning of academia which dates back to ancient African civilizations, and the celebration of the rich cultural contributions of the African Diaspora to the United States and the world.


Our Keynote speaker is Bakari Sellers, NY Times bestselling author, CNN News analyst, and civil rights activist. Attendance is required for the following stakeholders: Building Principal, Guardian of Equity, Literacy and/or Instructional Coach, School Psychologist, Scholars for Social Justice (high schools), and a Parent Representative. Each school should bring a team of five—high schools will have a team of seven to include the Scholars for Social Justice.