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Graduation Update



Our schools have engaged in imaginative and innovative work to help our students to continue to achieve during this global health crisis. With the May 1st Executive Order from Governor Andrew Cuomo, keeping schools closed through the end of the current academic year, this year will prove to be very different from all others.

Typical events such as moving up days, proms, award breakfasts, banquets, honors ceremonies, etc. must be canceled district-wide for safety reasons. These cancelations are difficult because they traditionally serve as motivators for our students, providing a sense of honor and pride to participate.

While most events must be canceled, we are still planning to make this year’s high school graduation historic. The 2020 commencement ceremonies will differ from anything in the past. Schools are working to create something memorable to match the moment.

More than ever, our students need to see how much we cherish their success. By the week of June 1st, high schools will release their individual community plan for graduation. Although these plans will be unique to every school, the message will be consistent – WE ARE PROUD OF OUR SENIORS AND WE RECOGNIZE THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY.


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