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In an effort to spread compassion and solidarity, students and teachers from Deerfield High, a suburban school outside of Chicago, reached out to some of our own Buffalo School administration through Dr. Julie Romain and Ms. Amy Chase so as to assist the students of Buffalo in their healing process after the racial hate crime committed at the Tops Supermarket store on Jefferson Ave last month. Teachers Neil Rigler and Robyn Corelitz teamed up with one of I-Prep’s English III teachers, Heidi Widmer, to create a surprise project for her Buffalo students; the final product entailed a beautiful compilation of a multitude of Illinois students’ messages of sympathy, anger, hope, and unity. These virtual messages were then comprised by Joanne Siwula's BOSS students to share with the entirety of the school though I-Prep's weekly student-created news video titled, "What's Poppin.'" Through this genuine and heartfelt project, all students involved were able to hold honest conversations with one another about real issues in America that continue to be swept under the carpet, including racism and gun laws. The result was an incredible healing process for I-Prep students and an empowering learning experience for Deerfield’s students. In order to “give back” as Deerfield students “gave” to Buffalo, these touched I-Prep students are currently working on a similar project that will be sent to the students and teachers in Uvalde, Texas to assist in their healing process after the Robb Elementary tragedy. 


Watch their News Video here: