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Important Dates

bps logo Important Dates to Close the 2019-2020 School Year


Dear Buffalo Public Schools Community:

There has been a change to the original District calendar for 2019-20. The following dates should be taken into consideration for the final submission of school/coursework and registering final grades:


June 17 - Last day of instruction

June 22 - Last day for teachers


The Instructional Guidance Document has been updated to reflect that Quarter 3 will be extended until June 17. Students may still turn in work until June 17. The Quarter 3 grade will be counted as 50% of the overall grade. Students in grades K-2 will receive a rating of Incomplete (I), Satisfactory (S), or Outstanding (O) for their Quarter 3 and final overall marks. Students in grades 3-6 will receive a numeric mark for Quarter 3 and a final overall rating of Incomplete (I), Satisfactory (S), or Outstanding (O). Students in grades 7-12 will receive a numeric mark for Quarter 3 and their final overall mark. If a student’s overall mark falls below a 65, it will be recorded as an Incomplete (I).


Information and next steps will be forthcoming regarding summer instruction. * Hardcopy work, labeled with student, teacher name, and school name can be turned in at collection bins that will be at all Food distribution sites beginning next week. Additional information will be shared via connected calls early next week.

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