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Drawing Dragons

is a place for practicing artists to develop their skills and portfolios, explore new techniques, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will bring awareness to the school and community.  
This year was a challenge being separated, but by meeting remotely we , after school on Tuesdays.
Exquisite Corpse "Rebound" Art Show 2021
A collaborative art piece between art teacher and students.  Each person is assigned a segment of the artwork.  They may create that segment in any medium or technique.  The "catch" is that the artists do not get to see what the other segments look like until the completed segments are joined.  
This year, we are represented by the talents of Emrana Begum(Grade 12),
Victoria Boerschig(Grade 10), Adamaris Velasquez Santos(Grade 10), Gianelys Mattei Pabon(Grade 9), and Mrs. Schroeder.
Amani Alkani
Emrana Begum
Victoria Boerschig
Treasure Claiborne
Melianis Collazo Castillo
Maybelline Figueroa
Kayla Irlbacher
TiAca Johnson
Kristina Keith
Mia Kokotajlo
Ethan MacDonald
Gianelys Mattei Pabon
Lamont Oakes
Kayla Randazzo
Mila Topsey
Mrs. Michelle Schroeder