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Family Fun Arts Night

The Buffalo Public Schools Department of Arts will be unveiling a 20’ x 8’ mural designed by Buffalo Public Schools students and local WNY artists. The mural, titled All Colors Flow Through Us, centers around two hands with paint flowing through its fingers. Around the hands are images of 4 iconic entry points into America. This is surrounded by colorful textile designs from cultures and countries whose people have made Buffalo, New York their home. In between the textile images is the word "Welcome" in the languages that are often heard in the halls of many of our Buffalo Public Schools.
All Colors Flow Through Us is a public art piece that the Buffalo City School District and entire community can be proud of. It will be displayed at 33 Ash Street- the location of our Central Registration Building (our District's Welcoming Center) and will forever greet our newest  students and their families. 
After the unveiling, we will celebrate with our annual Family Fun Arts Night for all community members to partake in. These events will run from 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM on Friday, September 13, with the unveiling to take place around 4:45 PM.
fun night flyer
→The Buffalo Public Schools Department of Arts mission is to encourage and cultivate in our students a life-long love, respect and appreciation for dance, theatre and visual arts, helping to make it an integral part of their future successes and achievements.