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McKinley JROTC Accreditation Results

McKinley cadets

McKinley JROTC Accreditation Results


Submitted by COL Ricchiazzi / MSG Dugan

On March 24, 2021 the McKinley High School JROTC Program underwent their triennial JROTC Program of Accreditation (JPA).  All JROTC Programs are inspected once every 3 years to ensure the quality and consistency of the program curriculum and its facilitation.    The presentations and interviews that the McKinley Cadets provided for the JPA were the culmination of months of preparation and learning.

cadet The JPA is a graded evaluation where failing organization are put on probation and re-inspected the following year and must pass to remain in good standing.  Only 5% of the units that are inspected receive a 95 of above and are awarded the Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) award.  As a member of a “HUD” all the Cadets in that unit are authorized to wear the Honor Unit with Distinction Gold Star over their name tag.   Our McKinley Cadets scored an incredible 98% earning the right and privilege to wear the gold star on their uniforms.    

The JPA is a lengthy inspection which deep dives into our cadet enrollment, Unit Report, event records, Supply accountability and control program, Instructor and Cadet Portfolios, Service Learning Project, and Command Improvement Brief.   This year’s JPA was conducted virtually requiring volumes of uploaded documentation prior to the inspection and all the presentations and Interviews were conducted on Microsoft Teams.   Cadet participation and presentation is heavily weighted to determine the success our JPA.  Big shout out to the Cadets that put in the effort and preparation leading to our success in this event!