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2021 Summer School Information

2021 Summer School



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PreK-6 Summer Program:

The PreK through 6 program will run a full day

from July 12th to August 6th with an in-person or

virtual option. The program will focus on providing

academic acceleration and enrichment while

supporting students’ social-emotional needs to

ensure they are prepared for the new school year.

Extended Learning / PreK-6 Program (

Grade 7/8 Summer Program:

Grade 7/8 summer school will run from July 12th

to August 6th with an in-person or virtual option.

This is an opportunity for promotion to the next

grade. Click the link for more information!

Extended Learning / Grade 7/8 Summer School (

9-12 Summer Program:

Summer school for grades 9-12 will run from July

12th to August 20th. The six-week program will

provide students the opportunity to recover

credits. Students can take multiple recovery

classes during the program. Non-Regents accrual

courses will be offered to help students stay on

track with their cohort.

Students will be provided with opportunities to recover credits. Information will be coming directly from their schools.


Se Levanta:

The full-day Se Levanta summer program runs

July 12 – August 13th and will provide additional

support for children in grades K - 3 learning

English, developing their academic Spanish, and

embracing and expanding on their understanding

of Latino culture.  Students currently enrolled in

bilingual Spanish programs grades K-3 are eligible.


Extended Learning / Se Levanta Summer Program (

Jump Start:

The full-day Jump Start summer program runs

July 12 – August 13th and will provide additional

supports for children in grades K -12 who are at

the early stages of learning English. Students in

this program will receive instruction individually

and in small groups and work collaboratively on

special projects to help accelerate their learning.


Extended Learning / Jump Start Program ( 

Extended School Year (ESY):

Extended School Year (ESY) is a service provided to

students with a disability in order to prevent

substantial regression. Eligibility for this service is

determined by the Committee on Special

Education (CSE). ESY will be held from July 6 - 

August 13, 2021. 

Extended Learning / Extended School Year (ESY -

Mural Mania:

Mural Mania runs July 19th to August 13th from

9:00 to noon. Students entering grades 7-12 will

work with an art teacher and local artist on a

mosaic-type mural based on Broderick Park’s

cultural history and its natural beauty. The mural

will be located at the foot of the Ferry bridge on

the small watchman shelters at the entrance to

the park. 

Extended Learning / Mural Mania (

Woke Words:

Woke Words runs July 19th to August 13th from

9:00 to noon. Students will be working with an arts

teacher and local artist to support the

development of spoken word performances by

using strategies in writing and theatrical

performance to include the main elements of

spoken word: rhyme; rhythm; diction; parallel

sentence structure; gesture and body language (to

include eye contact); intonation; and expression.

Woke Words program is for students in grades 7-12.


Extended Learning / Woke Words (

My Brother’s Keeper Male Academy:

The 2021-2022 MBK Male Academy theme is

SANKOFA, which indicates learning from the past

to build for the future. This theme signifies the

MBK post-covid commitment to community

service, edifying scholar voices, intellectual

genius, and scholarship through culturally

responsive teaching and learning. Opportunities

provided include high leverage field experiences,

strong mentoring, leadership skills development,

and an awareness and appreciation for one’s own

historic and cultural contributions. The Male

Academy summer program is designed for rising

7th and 8th grade students at the following schools:

3, 19, 30, 31, 37, 53, 59, 76, 80, 89, 94, and 97. The

summer program is housed at McKinley High

School and operates from 9:00am-3:00pm daily,

from July 26, 2021, through August 7, 2021.

Extended Learning / My Brother's Keeper Summer Program ( 

Say Yes:

In addition to Buffalo Public Schools’ Summer School offerings, BPS is partnering with Say Yes Buffalo, Erie County, the City of Buffalo and community/faith-based organizations to offer community-based Summer Camp at 32 in-person sites across the city. These camps will serve 1,450 PK-6 grade students July 12 – August 20, Monday – Friday. 19 sites will offer a 7 hour/day program, while the remaining 13 will offer a 4 hour/day program. 

Extended Learning / Say Yes Summer Camp 2021 (

Summer SPORTS Camps:

In addition to the Summer School offerings,

the BPS Athletics Department is offering

Sports Camps from July 12- August 20 for grades 7-12. 

REGISTER by clicking here.

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Summer Sport Camp Student Release