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Mock Interviews at MST@Seneca

CFM students at Math, Science, Technology High School @ Seneca all had the opportunity to experience a mock job interview as they completed the career component of the course. Three guests from the community, as well as a number of teachers volunteered to perform interviews for entry level jobs in the legal field, science research, library service, retail, and fast food sectors of Buffalo’s economy. The interviewers all spend time sharing their high school to current lives journey with the class before doing interviews.

Esteemed Defense Attorneys Mr. Phillip DabneyJr and Mr. Lee Lamendola both Bennett High School Graduates as well as PHD Physicist candidate Mr. David Prinzbach were impressed with the comprehensive preparation of the students they interviewed. The students’ resumes were complete and professional in appearance and the students interviewed responded thoughtfully to the many questions asked. Students were not prepped on the questions that they encountered. Most interviews lasted 7 minutes in front of the rest of the class. After the interview the student body was invited to offer positive observations and insights into the process. This was followed by a process reflection shared by the student who was interviewed and then the professional interviewer shared their observations with suggestions on how to improve the outcome.
The students enthusiastically responded to the required preparations that were necessary to participate in the experience and many utilized amazing skills to cope with the real anxiety that they experienced before and during the process. Over 90 percent of the students participated and all felt it was a rewarding experience.

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