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Stop Bullying Now!


What is bullying?

Bullying abuse is a form of aggressive behavior that is intended to cause harm. When bullying occurs, there is an imbalance of power between the peer (or group of peers) bullying and the victim. Bullying usually happens over and over. o Bullying abuse can take both direct and indirect forms including:

Direct bullying or identifiable bullying actions may include:

 Hitting, tripping, shoving, pinching, and excessive tickling

 Verbal threats, name calling, racial slurs, and insults

 Demanding money, property, or some service to be performed

 Stabbing, choking, burning, and shooting


Indirect bullying may be more difficult to detect and may include:

 Rejecting, excluding, or isolating target(s)

 Humiliating target(s) in front of friends

 Manipulating friends and relationships

 Sending hurtful or threatening e-mail or writing notes

 Blackmailing, terrorizing, or posing dangerous dares

 Relational bullying (ganging up, spreading rumors, gossiping)

 Cyberbullying (harm inflicted via computers, cell phones, electronic means, developing a Web site devoted to taunting, ranking, or degrading a target and inviting others to join in posting humiliating notes or messages).


Bullying abuse is not conflict, where two parties have a disagreement or misunderstanding. It is also different from playful teasing or rough-and tumble play, which is a give-and-take where both people see it as fun and good-natured.