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Important Message from Superintendent Cash and Board President Nevergold


Office of the Superintendent

65 Niagara Square Room #712 City Hall
Buffalo, New York 14202

Phone: (716) 816-3575
Fax: (716) 851-3033




April 7th, 2019


Dear Buffalo Public Schools Families:


We and all of the members of the Buffalo Board of Education express our profound sadness and dismay for the tragic and senseless violence that has claimed the lives of so many children in our community.  On Saturday evening, we lost another beautiful child, full of potential, to senseless gun violence that too frequently occurs in our Buffalo neighborhoods.  Too many of our precious children are either injured or gone too soon due to gun violence.  While we are focused on their graduation and bright futures, it is always horrific and unimaginable when a child is taken from us in this way.


Board President Nevergold and I call on our faith-based institutions, our citizens groups, our parents, our Mayor and elected officials, and our schools - all of US - to work together to increase the peace and take clear measures to end the violence NOW!


We teach our students to embrace peaceful conflict resolution through Restorative Practices.  We provide Trauma Informed Care.  We train staff in Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching practices, and we diligently prepare our Crisis Service Teams.  Our Crisis Service Team and School-based Student Support Teams will join several of our community partners to provide counseling and other support services to International School #45, Lafayette International High School #207, Newcomer Academy at Lafayette #353, Montessori School #32, and Hutchinson Central Technical School #304.  We are always prepared to assist our children and families in time of need. Nevertheless, our greatest prayer is that there will soon come a day when trauma remediation will no longer be necessary in our young people’s lives.


Please direct your spiritual thoughts and earnest actions toward Badraldeen Elwaseem, who has passed on.  His grieving family and an entire city mourn his sudden and heartbreaking death, as with each of the others, one that we will never fully understand.