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MST's Medical Ethics Students Visit The Jacobs Institute!

MST's Medical Ethics Students Visit The Jacobs Institute on April 12th 2019

Fourteen of MST’s students taking the Medical Ethics course, as part of the Medical Pathway program, engaged in a great experience at the Jacobs Institute this past Friday. Two teams of students were able to successfully work on the vascular endoscopy simulator to extract a blood clot that could leave a potential patient severely disabled. 

field trip

The students began the day learning about the role that the Jacobs Institute plays in the advancement of key medical inventions by connecting research work to the patient in the clinical setting. 

field trip

The students explored how risk factors relate to the development of diseases especially of the circulatory system. The diseases can cause heart attacks and strokes. 
Students were impressed with the staff of The Jacobs Institute and greatly appreciate the time the staff spent with them.