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Important Title & Grant Meeting!


As teachers, parents, students, administrators, staff and members of the Buffalo community, you are important stakeholders in decision-making.  For this reason, you are invited to a series of meetings to discuss this year’s application for federal grant funding, also known as the District’s Consolidated Application.  These meetings are a chance to learn about the grants, how they have been used during the current school year, take part in a conversation about how they can be used for 2019-2020, and share your ideas for helping Buffalo Public Schools.  If you cannot attend the meetings in person, you can also attend them virtually through this live stream link: CLICK HERE


Meeting Dates & Topics:


Title IIA, Title III, Title IV and Title VI: (TODAY)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019    5:00-7:30pm

Waterfront Elementary School #95

Topic:  During this planning meeting, we will discuss the Title IIA grant supports professional development, how Title III supports English language learners and how Title VI supports Native American students.  In addition, we will discuss how Title IV supports art, music, enrichment, Advanced Placement courses, student health and safety.  Stakeholder feedback is critical during this planning process.  Please join us to learn about how these grants support our students, what the District is considering for next year and share your ideas. 



Federal Grants & Contract for Excellence:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019    5:00-7:30pm

Waterfront Elementary School #95

Topic:  During this meeting, we will discuss the outcomes of the stakeholder feedback from meetings and survey data and share what the District plans to put into the final application for federal grant funds (Titles I, IIA, III, IV and VI) as well as Contract for Excellence.  Stakeholder feedback is critical during this planning process.  This will be the last chance for stakeholders to share feedback and ideas before the 2019-2020 grant application is submitted to the New York State Department of Education.