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“Black Lives Matter” Book-study

Please join the Office of CLRI for this first “Black Lives Matter” Bookstudy. Please see flyer for zoom info and additional details. 

Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys, a book by University of California, Santa Barbara professor Victor Rios, is set in the backdrop of Oakland, California. Rios studies the lives of boys growing up in a complicated environment where punishment permeates throughout many facets of their daily activities. Rios’s book examines the punitive social control in Oakland and his study focuses on young Black and Latino males who have a history of criminalization and interactions with various forms of social control. Rios introduces the readers to his conceptual framework, youth control complex, and demonstrates how various factors such as family, education, and law enforcement interact to create a structured punitive environment that systematically criminalizes Black and Latino youth. He then explores how the punitive forces negatively impact the youths and concludes with policy implications and suggestions for social improvement.