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PreK and K Enrollment

PreK and K Enrollment 

Education during the COVID-19 pandemic is as important as ever.  DON’T LET YOUR CHILD FALL BEHIND.

The Buffalo Public Schools are dedicated to teaching your child remotely with resources and materials that every child deserves.  

Enroll today to receive learning packets now and technology devices that will be arriving soon.


  • Email or call 816-3717 for registration information.
  • Parent Choice will be honored when hybrid and or in person options are also available. This means that a parent can choose to keep their child learning remotely if the District returns in a hybrid model.
  • All our students are also eligible for free meals that can be picked up at dozens of school sites across the District.

    If you experience barriers while registering your child, contact Ashley Young in the Pre-K Department at 716-816-4689.

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