October 2015

Posted by on 11/10/2015 12:48:00 PM

We had a great October in Pre-K!  We learned about community helpers. Mrs. Jaeckle's husband is a doctor and he came in to talk about his job. He also left some fun x-rays for us to play with in the dramatic play center. We polled the students on which community helper job they might like to have in the future and then we graphed the results. 

In October we studied pumpkins. We learned about the stages of a pumpkin's growth. We weighed, measured, and compared pumpkins in the math center. We opened up some pumpkins and counted the seeds inside. We even made a fun pumpkin patch snack with jello pudding and candy corn pumpkins.

The big finale in October was our Halloween parade and party.  You can find more pictures from October in our slide show here.