October 2019

Posted by JOY GOMPAH on 10/31/2019

This is such a fantastic time of year. The students have learned our class routines and they are working hard to grow their brains every single day.  I always brag that we are the hardest working and kindest class at School 81 and my friends consistently strive to live up to our reputation.

Reading to himself

In math, we've started learning about place value. Our unit began with me spilling over 1000 popsicle sticks on the rug. The students had to work together to bundle them into groups of ten and then into groups of one hundred (Mod. 3 Lesson 1). 

bundling tens

Students were polite and patient with each other as they worked together to make their bundles. 

working together

The last week of October was full of fun. We enjoyed a field trip to the BPO (a complete stranger approached our class to compliment us on our behavior) and a Halloween parade and party. We also took some time in reading groups to read and respond to The Headless Horseman by Natalie Standiford. Be sure to ask your child what he/she thinks ever became of Ichabod Crane.

book cover

Students did a great job on their spider science projects this month. I'll post a few pictures of them on the slideshow page of this website. Finally, we welcomed a pet fish to our class. After soliciting a few name suggestions, students decided to call him Darwin.

Pizza and Piazza

 A pizza poses with Ms. Piazza (our music teacher).