November 2019

Posted by JOY GOMPAH on 11/27/2019

November just flew by! In math this month, students continued studying place value. We used base ten blocks, place value disks, and even snacks to represent three-digit numbers. 


We celebrated Native American Heritage month with a great assembly in the auditorium where some students were called on stage to participate in cultural dances. Mr. Jud and Ms. Hill, the Native American coordinator for BPS, also visited our classroom to lead a game of Bingo with a twist, the numbers were called out in the Seneca language. 

We read the book Balloons Over Broadway, a story about the beginning of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.


Then students constructed their own balloon characters (they kept STEM journals during the process of planning and constructing their creations), and we put on a parade for the first and second floors. I'll post pictures of all the projects on my photo page.


I'm thankful this November for such a great class and such a supportive group of parents. I'm so grateful for the people who volunteered on parade day to blow up balloons and help students bring their creations to life.  I hope all my friends have a happy, restful Thanksgiving break!