Bud, Not Buddy

by Christopher Paul Curtis Year Published:
Bud is a foster child living in Depression era Flint, Michigan. His mother has passed away and Bud quickly discovers that the foster care system in which he has been placed is less than desirabel. Meeting up with a fellow foster child, Bud hops a train in search of the father that he has never known except through a newsprint advertisement. Bud narrates the story through life lessons or rules that he has learned, ways in which he copes with the uncertainty of his environment. Young adult readers will identify with the struggles that Bud faces daily, particularly those from lower income families or those from foster care situations. Additionally, Bud's insights into human and adult behavior offer a unique perspective of a youngster's mature view of the world and the way that it works. Young readers will identify with Bud's insights into the ignorance and general stupidity of the adult world and its workings.

Note: This book is available in our Library.