Math For Next Week April 20 - 24

Good Morning:

I have attached the first 5 lessons for Module 6 here on my web page.  The first 3 were done using the word program but are still the same with the models and hints that well hopefully lead to success.  The rest will be attached in the same way that I did Module 5 because I will need to draw things on the pages that word does not allow me to do.

Please remember that the intention is to have you complete one lesson a day.  The lessons should take you about a 1/2 hour.  After that you should spend another half hour on Moby Max (this can be regular practice or fluency) and any assignments I give in your Finish Line books.  See my calendar for day by day expectations.

Please don't forget to come to school tomorrow and pick up your Module 6 books and iPads so that you can be successful for the reamainder of the time that we are working from home.