Assignments For May 26 - 29

Here are the assignment for the week of May 26 - 29.  Because Monday is Memorial Day, there are no assignments in any of the subjects for that day.  If you have not completed previous weeks' Pearson Easy Bridge assignments, you should try to get them done before June 17 and work on them first.

As always if any of these assignments require a written response, it must show details from the text that are relative to the question being asked.  Use your text book (whether on line or your hard copy) to help you make these answers your best possible work.  And you can do all of them except the quiz and Lesson 4 Check in any order you want.

Tuesday - Pearson Easy Bridge "Effects of Glaciers"; preview Topic 9, Lesson 4 in your text by making sure you know the vocabulary, look at the pictures and diagrams with captions, and see if you can find the answers to the Guiding Questions.

Wednesday - Pearson Easy Bridge:  "Glacial Ice" and "Video - Glacial Wave Erosion.

Thursday - Pearson Easy Bridge "Coastline Management" and "Quiz:  Glacial and Wave Erosion"

Friday - "E-text:  Lesson 4 Check"