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How to Access Clever to Get to Excellent Websites/Apps Used At School

Go to

Click on 'Students' on the top right side.

Click on 'Clever' on the left side.

You will be directed to a box that has both Clever Badge log in (use your child's QR code) and Log in with Active Directory (use your 900#)


You can also use the link below to access Clever



Moby Max: Individualized math instruction at your child's level. Students can practice math facts, word problems, and activities/tasks that address all grade level standards.

Lexia Core 5: Individualized reading instruction at your child's level. 

MyOn: Digital Library. Students can browse books by topic/category and have them read to them. Students can even take a quick comprehension quiz after reading.


Suggested Daily Schedule during our time at home

Moby Max: 30 minutes a day

Lexia Core 5: 30 minutes a day

MyOn: 30 minutes a day  ***Make sure to take the comprehension test after listening to the story***



Engage NY Math Module Resources

Module 1 Parent Tips

Module 2 Parent Tips

Module 3 Parent Tips

Module 4 Parent Tips

Module 5 Parent Tips

Module 6 Parent Tips



Module 1 Tutorials

Module 2 Tutorials

Module 3 Tutorials

Module 4 Tutorials

Module 5 Tutorials

Module 6 Tutorials



Speech Resources/Websites


The following links are games your child can play to practice their skills while having fun.   (reading and math games)     (reading games)   (reading and math games)  (fun math games to play)    (username- BuffaloPublicSchools     password- Science123