NYSED Required Equity Data

Greetings Parents and Caregivers,

New York State Education Department (NYSED) is requiring all school districts in the state to collect and report digital equity data from parents. To obtain these data, a parent survey has been developed. We respectfully request a sense of urgency in completing the survey located in eDoctrina for all BPS students. 

There are two completion options. Either log into your scholar’s eDoctrina account OR complete an eDoctrina bubble sheet and return it to school with your scholar to the main office.  Please do not do both. 

Survey completion is required for each child in the household. For example, if there are three children in a family who attend a Buffalo Public School, complete a survey for each child (eDoctrina or bubble sheet). Should your family move during the school year, a new survey is required.

Directions for accessing the survey can be found on the Accountability webpage by entering this address into your browser https://www.buffaloschools.org/Page/98546

Thank you so much for assisting the district with fulfilling this NYSED mandate.