Midterm Slides

These twelve slides compromise your mid-term final.  Some are similar to slides you have seen before, some are new. 

* For each slide take accurate notes. 

*Be sure to answer all five questions about each slide

*post at least one note in notes of interest

***At the bottom of each page identify one theme that connects all three slides and write a paragraph explaining how each slide is connected to this theme.

There are 12 slides, it should take two pages of notes, to complete.

each slide is worth 6 points, (6x12=72)

the paragraphs are worth 6 points each (4x6=24)

Everyone who turns it in on friday gets 9 points free

(72+24+9=105 max points.  I will count it as three test grades)

Midterm slide test..pptx, 6.71 MB; (Last Modified on January 14, 2020)