Spanish children's stories

Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Great for kids... and adults too! Read along in Spanish or English.

New Pollito Tito

Chicken Little

A modern adaptation of the classic tale: What happens when a completely normal chicken believes everything he reads on the internet? This story is written in the present tense, because it's a good thing to learn.

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New El Pájaro y la Ballena

The Bird and the Whale

Our first ever original story, about a bird and a whale and their shared love of little fish. Inspired by a song by Tom Waits, and an episode of Adventure Time.

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Los Tres Cerditos

The Three Little Pigs

The classic tale of shoddy building materials, DIY folly, and the perils of emparedados de tocino (a.k.a bacon sandwiches). No pigs or wolves were harmed in the making of this story.

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Ricitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Why you should probably lock your door when you go out for a walk, even if you live en medio de un gran bosque. Why are the three bowls of sopa different temperatures when they were poured at the same time? Science, is why.

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Caperucita Roja

Little Red Riding Hood

A deeply troubling investigation into what happens when you let your children walk somewhere alone: Caperucita Roja eats fresas, picks margaritas and talks to el Gran Lobo Feroz on the way to Grandma's house. (Warning: Contains highly improbable medical scenes.)

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A well-meaning young man steals from giants because el invierno is coming. But then he gets greedy... Lots of house vocabulary, possession and commands here. We've also given this story a makeover at the end because burglary is not cool.
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Cinderella is kind, intelligent, and loves to tell jokes. She also has an unfortunate family situation. Will she go to the King's ball? What will she wear? Will the prince laugh at her jokes? And what happens to the cat?
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Hansel and Gretel

Two children, a woodcutter, a stepmother and an evil witch come together in this story about food, feelings, confusing directions, and how to make niño asado. You'll also learn the useful catchphrase: "Don't worry... I have a plan!"
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The Three Naughty Billy goats 

Three hungry goats accidentally wake a troll on their way to eat the tall green grass in the meadow. This story is full of useful repetition and includes essentials like introductions and the Spanish word for "fart". View this story at our new site,