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Okay, so I am thinking of starting a new book to write. It will be called “Once In a Lifetime”

Here are the characters so you may get familiar with them. (NOTE: More characters may be added as story develops)

Alois Israel Munro- Main character (female)

Bastian Middleton (male)

Eli Williams (male)

David McCain (male)

Damien Ryans (male)

Missy O’Brian (female)

Isabelle Wesley (female)

Paris Lesleys (female)

OKAY! Now here is the kind of main idea of the story…..sorta.

Alois is a girl who has been born and raised in the London. She’s best friends with Bastian, Missy, Eli, and Paris.

The group are set in a private school and are harassed by other students. They have been placed with the term outsiders and are referred to as the schools’ wastes of space. Ofcourse, no one has had the courage to say it to their faces, because the five are feared by except for the “prep hounds”. This group is run by David McCain, who has a thing for Alois and refuses to take no as an answer whenever she comes around. The five friends are forced to face the name-calling and pain that comes with being bullied.


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