The Boarding House

Lynete Velez

Blog,Comment,Be Free.

Welcome to The Boarding House! This is a website that has been created to able anyone with any type of back round or beliefs to come and comment or create topics on whatever they want without having any onecriticize them. You will also be able to read my blog and comment on what I have to say. I will also have a story section which will be filled on my progressing works of literature. I will have a advise section which will able you to confidentially give me your problem or situation and I may be able to help you! This because for some reason, Iíve become quite the therapist for many friends of mineÖ Also, I will have a gallery page of pictures I find creative or interesting! Iím hoping be able to inspire you to give your opinion and maybe even start a website of your own!


-     Liturature Blog

-     Music blog

-     Picture blog- Advice blog †††††††††††


How to Save a Life - The Fray

Superman - Five for Fighting

Love Like Woe - The Ready Set

The Script- Nothing

The Script- For The First Time

The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved

One Direction- Little things (I cannot believe Iím putting this songÖ..xD)

The Script- Breakeven

Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved (Adam Levine is really good! xD)