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      Spotlight on one of our School 81 - 8th Grade Students  - Israel Wilson.
      Congratulations Israel and to the Wilson Family on the Article below!
      Spotlight on one of our 8th Grade Students - Israel Wilson
      School 81 - Early Release Day is Tuesday, March 15th - Dismissal begins 3 hours earlier than usual.
      Virtual Spring Open House - Tuesday, March 15th - 4 to 6 PM 
      See the attached schedule and links for Virtual - Spring Open House  Schedule for Open House and Links

      Tuesday, March 15th – Virtual Spring Open House - 2022  4:00 to 6:00PM 

      *If you do not see your teacher, continue to scroll down for individual teacher links in blue.





       Grade Levels 

      Grade Levels - Jr. High 






      Ms. Marek 

      Grade 5  

      Grade 6   


      Grade 7 ELA/ Social Studies 







      DeSantis and Sutter 

      Grade 3  

      Grade 4  




      Grade 7 Math and Science 




      5:00 to 5:30 


      Grade 1 

      Grade 2 



      Grade 8 ELA and Social Studies 





      5:30  to 6:00  

      Choose 1 of the following specials or support areas to attend :  


      Mrs. Campbell-Cook 

      Mrs. Schiller  





      Home & Careers & Technology 


      Mr. Lyon (Band) 

      Grade 8 Math and Science 



      PE - Mrs. Burr/ Mr. Federici , Mr. Mucitelli, Mr. Piwko 



      Mrs. Hudson (Art K-3) 




      4:00 to 4:30 


      Grade Level  


      Teachers in the meeting & Hyperlink 




      Mrs. Pliszka 

      Ms. Marek 




      Ms. Brauer 

      Mrs. Evert 



      Grade 5 TEAM 


        Mrs Benintende / Mrs. Maurer 

      Mrs. Herring  

      Mrs. Day 



      Grade 6 TEAM 

      Grade 6 Open House Link 



      Grade 7 Social Studies 

      Grade 7 ELA 

      Mr. McKenzie & Ms. Bukowski 



      Grade 7 & 8 AIS 

      Mrs. Orengo 



      Title 1 Reading 

      Ms. Blake 



       Title 1 Reading (3rd/4th grade

        Mrs. Colca (Title 1 Reading 3rd/4th










      Ms. Certo  



      Mrs. Goodwin 





      Mr. Desantis & Ms. Sutter 




      Ms. Bagley 




      Ms. Wilczynski 



      3rd Grade 

      Mrs. Amato 



      3rd Grade  

      Mrs. Minichello   



      3rd Grade  

      Ms. McCool & Mrs. Joseph 



      4th Grade  

      Mrs. Gardon 



      4th Grade 

      Mrs. Holloran 



      4th Grade  

       Mrs. Williams 208 Open House



      4th Grade  

      Mrs. Golding & Mrs. Williams 

      Grade 4 Virtual Open House: Homeroom 209 & 210 





      4th Grade  

      Mrs. Littere 




      Grade 7 Math 

      Grade 7 Science 

      Mrs. McCarthy 

      Mrs. Kyser & Mrs. Hahn 



      NYSAA Grade 6 to 8 

      Mrs. Burgstahler 









      1st Grade 

      Mrs. Comerford & Mrs. Palumbo 



      1st Grade  

      Ms. Reedy 



      1st Grade  

      Mrs. Mendola 



      2nd Grade 

      Ms. Hand  



      2nd Grade  

      Ms. Holmes 



      2nd Grade  

      Ms. Amico & Mrs. McCabe 



      2nd Grade  

      Mrs. Haynes 



      Parent Portal Account Set up 

      Mrs. Orengo 




      Grade 8 Social Studies 

      Grade 8 ELA 

      Mr. McKenzie & Ms. Bukowski 












      Ms. Carl 

      Mr. Delettrez & Ms Mitchell 




      Student Support Team & Guidance Counselor 

      Mrs. Armon, Mrs. Kell,  

      Ms. LaMendola 


      Tuesday, March 15 · 5:30 – 6:00pm 

      Google Meet joining info 

      Video call link: https://meet.google.com/dio-gzxa-aoi 

      Or dial: ‪(US) +1 443-507-8887 PIN: ‪747 566 043# 




      Mr. Piwko, Mr. Mucitelli, Mrs. Burr 



      Speech- K-1 

      Speech – 4-8 

         Mrs. Schiller 

        Mrs. Campbell-Cook 





      Mrs. Cardinal 

      Mrs. Hudson (K-3) 



      Home and Careers/ Technology 

      Mrs. Z & Mr. Meyer 




      Mr. Lyon 




      Virtual SBMT Meeting - Wednesday, March 2nd 
      4:45 to 5:25PM 
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 960 015 0751
      Passcode: School81
      Thank you,
      School 81 
      Virtual - SBMT Meeting - Wednesday, February 9th, 2022
      See the below link for the 4:30 to 5:10PM virtual meeting
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 477 970 1688
      Passcode: School81
      January, 19th, 2022

      Good Morning School 81 Parents and Students,


      Today is a remote learning day, the school is not open.  All staff are working remotely.

      • Students try to connect with your homeroom teacher between 9 and 9:30AM this morning to ensure homroom attendance. 
      • All homeroom teacher emails are located on the School 81 website - under "Quick Links" if you have difficulty today.  
      • Go to your classes Schoology page first and try to find the TEAMs link to connect for live classes. 
      • Students are to follow their regular schedule to connect with classes.  
      • Students also have access to several online programs such as MYON, Lexia, Moby Max through the Clever App.   Grades 2 to 4 also have access to Reflex Math, contact your teacher for log in information. 

      We do realize that there will be difficulties connecting based on device and/or home internet, thank you for your patience & understanding in advance.

      If having difficulty logging in, please email the HR Teacher as well as Mrs. Ford cdford@buffaloschools.org for proper coding of attendance. 

      See the attached help page for Remote Learning - Day 1 - Remote Learning Info

      Thank you,
      School 81







      Dear Parents/ Guardians of School 81,


      We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful upcoming Holiday/ Winter Recess with family and friends.  A few highlights from December are found below:


      • Congratulations goes out to our Grade 3 to 8 Honor and Merit Roll Students.  We are very proud of your hard work and accomplishment in the first quarter of school.


      • Thank you to our School Improvement Team for organizing our Door Decorating Contest, Candy Grams & our Holiday Gift Raffle.  Thank you to Board Member - Mr. Larry Scott for helping us judge the doors.  The winners are: Pre-K – Mrs. Pliszka, K – Mr. Desantis, 1st/ 2nd – Mrs. Mendola, 3rd/ 4th – Mrs. L. Williams, 5th/ 6th – Mrs. Koscielski, 7th/ 8th – Mrs. Kyser & Mrs. Burgstahler. 


      • Thank you to all that donated to our Annual Giving Tree. 


      • Mr. Meyer’s Technology Class has received three 3-D printers.  Grades 6 to 8 students are already busy creating, designing and printing 3-D products. 


      • U.S. News & World Report in October; for the first time has ranked Elementary and Middle Schools across the country.  U.S. News has ranked PS81 the 2nd (Elementary) and 3rd (Middle) best school in Buffalo Public Schools.  See the following link for more detailed information. https://www.usnews.com/education/k12/new-york/ps-81-204047



      A reminder that if you want COVID random testing for your child at school; a new registration and consent form is needed.  See the link for registration. https://app.clarifi-covid-19.com/



      As winter weather approaches, please continue to drive safely at our morning arrival/ dismissal.  Please do not block our bus lane and respect the right of way of all pedestrians. Reminder that we do share our driveway with the North Buffalo Ice Rink.  Do not block the entry way to the ice rink during arrival and dismissal.  There are many parking spaces available daily in the ice rink lot.


      Happy Holidays & thank you for your ongoing support of School 81.

      School 81

      December 22, 2021

      Please see a few pictures from our School 81 Door Decorating Contest in December. 

      Mrs. Pliszka's room BoardMrs. A
      sstMrs. K K
      December 21st, 2021 
      Thank you to Buffalo Board Member Heard for stopping by School 81 to Present our Technology Teacher Mr. Meyer with the Excellence in Education Award Trophy.  Mr. Meyer won this award last Spring.
       meyer 2
      Power Point shared at the Virtual Meeting - Virtual Meeting P. Point , Monday, August 30th.
      September 13th, 2021 - See the following link Suggested times of arrival & dismissal  to help decrease excessive wait times outside at arrival and dismissal.  

      COVID Daily Screener for Students - Parents must complete the daily screener for students for each day of attendance in school. 
      Consent to Test Information / Registration - This school year BPS schools will look to have Covid testing 30% of staff and students will be tested randomly each week.  See the electronic link below.  
      Hard copy of Testing Consent Form Consent to Test Hard Copy form can be returned to the school.


      • Below is the process for parents/caregivers to request a medical or mask exemption for their child:     
        • Up to date (within 60 days) signed medical documentation on a doctor’s letterhead stating the specific diagnosis (reason) why the student must be considered for a medical OR mask exemption.  The signature must be from a practicing: Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP), including a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Physician Assistant (PA) or a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP).  
        • The medical documentation must be emailed to: medicalexemptions@buffaloschools.org  OR  submitted via U.S. mail to Medical Exemption Office, 427 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202. 
        • Requests for mask exemptions should also state if the student is unable to wear a face shield as an alternative and if not, the reason why. The LIP must be someone who provides ongoing care for the child.   
      • Documentation will be reviewed by a Medical Review Advisory Team and/or Legal Counsel to determine if the mask exemption will be granted.  
      • Parent/Guardians will be informed of the decision, and schools will be notified of all approved medical and mask exemptions.  
      School 81 Information - School Procedures 
      Letter Days Calendar 
      August 17th, 2021


      Parents/ Guardians of School 81,


      We hope that you and your family are having a safe and enjoyable summer.  Please see the following that may assist you with various questions before the school year begins.


      Homeroom Assignment

      For returning 81 students, the 4th quarter report card for all students indicated the Homeroom number for this upcoming school year.  If you are unsure of a Homeroom number for your child; you can call the school at 816-4060.  On the first day of school, Wednesday, September 8th many staff members will have class lists to assist all students in getting to their correct homeroom. 

                      As we get closer to the school year, infinite campus parent portal will be open to families to check their homeroom assignment. 


      School Supplies

      School supplies are listed on our School 81 website under “Quick Links” – School Supply Lists 21-22.  The supply lists are provided by grade level and it is important to remember that not all supplies are needed on the first day.  Supplies can be sent in with your child the first three days of school or the first full week. 

      See the direct link here   School 81 Supply List Page


      Student Devices

      Reminder for all BPS students to return assigned devices to 1515 South Park Ave. Technology Hub Site  (see hours on the Buffalo Schools Website) if you have not already done so.  All devices need to be updated with new software before they can be used in 21-22 school year. 


      Vaccinnation Reminder

      All parents are reminded to have your child up to date with regular NYS immunizations (does not include COVID Vaccine).  State Law mandates that all students must be fully vaccinated within the first 14 days of school (MMR, Varicella, etc)  See this link for vaccines needed by grade level Vaccines for 21-22 school year 


      Bus Information

      Realize that bus routes and bus assignments are currently being worked on by the transportation department, this information is mailed out to families prior before the first day of school.  Please be patient as bus routes/ assignments are updated continuously throughout the summer.  You can email the transportation dept. at TRANSPORTATION@Buffaloschools.org or call them at 816-4895 for individual concerns.

      • Remember that in the first weeks of school it is common for buses to run much later than usual.


      Monday, August 30th – 4PM – Virtual Parent Meeting – COVID-19 Protocols Updates – 21-22 School year. 

      Virtual Link will be sent out prior to the meeting.


      First Day of School – Wednesday, September 8th – Arrival

      School 81 doors open at 9AM to 9:20AM.  Many staff members will greet students at our walker door – the Tacoma/ Tennyson door to assist students in getting to their classroom.  Just like last year, only students will be able to enter the school building.  All staff and students will proceed through temperature scanners.  If a student has a temperature, they will be sent to the nursing clinic and/or connected with their parent (if a walker).  Please see the COVID Daily Screener to ensure your child is well enough for school. 

      First Day of School – Wednesday, September 8th – Dismissal

      Student Walkers will exit out the Tacoma/ Tennyson Door at approximately 3:30.

      Student Pickups- will exit out the Tacoma/ Delaware Door at approximately 3:30 to 3:45.   Dismissal will continue like last year, parent/ guardian provides a name to the staff member at the Tacoma/ Tennyson Door and the student will be escorted out to the parent.   We appreciate your patience the first week of school in having a safe and orderly dismissal.

      Bus dismissal will begin approximately 3:45 to 4PM daily.


      Pre-K Orientation – Wednesday, September 8th – 10:30 to 12 noon – Meet and Greet with your teacher in the back lawn of the School.  Your Pre-K Teacher will contact you via phone call by Friday, September 3rd with more details.


      September 2021

      8th - First Day of Classes – Doors open at 9AM. 

      8th - Pre-K - Orientation - 10:30AM to 11:30AM - Students come to school with a parent, parents stay with their child during the orientation and meet school administrators and their teacher.  September 8th is orientation only.  First full day of school September 9th for Pre-K. 

       8 - Dress For Success at School 81 – Students are encouraged to dress for success at School 81.  Remember to wear clothing appropriate to student dress code.  The goal for each student is to look professional as if they were going for a job interview. 

      10 - 81 Pride - Wear Blue and Yellow

      15 - Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 – 10/15) – School 81 will be highlighting the accomplishments of Hispanic Americans throughout U.S. History during this time.

      22 - SBMT Meeting @ 4:00pm to 4:45pm 


      October 2021

      5 – October is National Bullying Prevention Month –Take the pledge against bullying @ School 81 “Blue Shirt Day” – World Day of Bullying Prevention – Students are encouraged to wear a blue shirt to raise awareness against Bullying.

      4 - Dress For Success

      9 – Progress Report Grades (#1) Close

      11 – Indigenous Peoples' and Italian Heritage Day – No School

      12 - “ Career Day”  – Students Dress as the “profession” you want to be.

      14-  Open House - 4:30 to 6:30 - Details to come.

      20 – Unity Day – Students are encouraged to wear orange on Unity Day to raise awareness against Bullying.



      August 11th, 2021
      Please see a reopening letter from Superintendent Dr. Cash as well as an attached update to COVID protocols in 2021.  Click the below 2 links to view:

      August 1st, 2021


      Dear Pre-K Parents/ Guardians,


      We hope you are having a healthy & fun summer with your family!


      September is soon approaching and with it comes the beginning of your child’s school year in Pre-K at School 81.  Children who have been accepted for Pre-K have been sent acceptance letters from the Student Placement Office.


      At this time, we can safely plan for our Pre-K Orientation to take place on Wednesday, September 8th between 10:30AM to 12 noon.  The orientation will be a meet and greet with your child’s teacher located outside in the back of our school building.  Your classroom teacher will share important information for the school year and answer any questions you may have.  Pre-K students will have their first full day of school on Thursday, September 9th Your child’s Pre-K teacher will contact you by September 3rd with further details for the school year.


      More information will be forthcoming from NYS and Buffalo Public Schools regarding COVID safety protocols for the 21-22 school year.  Our School 81 website is also an excellent resource for school letters, school supply lists and School 81 dates/ events.  Please continue to check the BPS and School 81 website as we get closer to September.


      We look forward to meeting all of you and to an exciting, safe and successful school year.


      In the mail you will also receive a school supply list for a typical school year in Pre-K, the supply list is also found on the right of our webpage under "Quick Links".  We also realize it may be difficult to find or secure all items on the list, please do your best and do not spend extended time in stores searching for items during this time; your health and safety are a top priority.   


      Thank you for choosing School 81 for your son/ daughter.

      Mrs. Pliszka

      Ms. Brauer

      Mrs. Evert

      Ms. Marek

      Grad 2021Grad 2021Grad 2021Grad 2021Grad 2021
      Congratulations to the Class of 2021! 
      Students we are so proud of all that you have accomplished & the adversity that you had to overcome in the 2020-21 school year!
      Special congratulations to our 8th graders that will be moving on to their high school careers next year.  
      Thank you to all staff, parents & community members for your support of our School 81 students this school year. 
      Have a safe & happy summer!
                  grad 2021                    Grad 2021                            grad 2021      

      School 81's Mission Statement
      To provide for all students a quality education in a structured, organized learning environment that maximizes teaching time and promotes student achievement and responsibility.
       Parents/ Guardians -  Please see the link for School 81 events under Quick Links (In blue) for School 81 dates and events.
      June 21st - 8th Grade Virtual Awards Ceremony - 2PM to 3PM -  See the below Microsoft Teams link to joing the virtual awards ceremony.  This link is also available in your email and through your child's schoology account.  If you have difficulty, joining on your child's device may work best.




      School 81 Information / Procedures Arrival/ Dismissal
      NYS COVID School Dashboard - Please refer to this website for up to date COVID-19 information for all schools.  The site includes positive cases for students, staff and up to date testing information.  
      https://schoolcovidreportcard.health.ny.gov/#/home  - Use this link to search any school on COVID-19 data.
      Please also see for your reference from NYS - Dept. of Health - My Child has COVID-19 Symptoms - When can they go back to school.




      April 22nd, 2020


      Dear Parents/ Guardians,


      Thank you to all that came to School 81 yesterday and today to pick up Ipads/ Laptops and instructional materials for your child.  We greatly appreciate your patience on Tuesday as you could see it took quite a while to process all of the laptops accordingly for the number of families that came to the school. 

      If you were unable to come please see below some of the instructional packets that were available by grade level.  The packets provide a wide variety of learning tasks that should help your child during this time of school closure.  Continue to reach out to your classroom teacher via email, schoology and other online platforms.  If you were unable to pick up an ipad/ laptop on 4/21 or 4/22 the district will make future arrangements for another opportuntiy to pick up a device in the near future at a location to be determined.


      Pre K Pre K instructional materials

      K instructional packet

      1st Grade Grade 1 instructional packet

      2nd Grade Grade 2 instructional packet

      3rd Grade Grade 3 instructional packet

      4th Grade Grade 4 packet

      4th Grade part 2 Grade 4 part 2

      5th Grade Grade 5 instructional packet

      6th Grade Grade 6 instructional packet

      7th Grade Grade 7 instructional packet

      8th Grade Grade 8 instructional packet






                                                                School 81 -  A School In Good Standing - Pre-K to Grade 8 - 9:00AM to 3:30PM


      We would like to thank our School 81 community for another great school year.  Parents/ Guardians thank you for your ongoing support of School 81 and entrusting us with your child's education.  Students thank you for your hard work and focus throughout the school year.  Teachers and school staff thank you for your dedication to the students of School 81.  We hope all have a safe and happy summer with your families.   


      As we look ahead to the 2019-20 school year, there is much to be excited and proud of at School 81.


      • School 81 increased 16 spots in Buffalo Business First Rankings for Middle Schools and 9 spots for Elementary Schools.  This ranking is based on our NYS assessment scores in 2017-18 and the past 4 years.  


      • School 81 Elementary and Middle school continues to be a top 10 performer among Buffalo public, charter and private schools in the City of Buffalo according to Buffalo Business First Rankings.  


      • This school year all students in grades 3 to 8 will have access to a laptop/ IPad during the school day.


      • Students in Pre-K to 2 will have IPad learning centers within the classroom.


      • Our 6th grade students are entering their 3rd year in Global Scholars Program. Last year,  students had the opportunity to skype with classrooms in France and South Korea during the school year.  


      • Our green space in the back of our school building was fully utilized this Spring/ Summer for our annual Field Day and outdoor play/ recess.
      Educational Program Highlights
      Ipads learning centers in Pre-K to 2 
      1 to 1 Ipads for grades 3 to 8
      Global Scholars in Grade 6
      National Junior Honor Society
      Boys & Girls Basketball 
      Track & Cross Country
      Technology Club
      PBIS School - Roar Tickets
      Flag Football Club
      Girl Scouts
      STAR Math K to 4
      Myon - Online Library of Books
      Lexia - ELA skill building
      Reflex Math grades 2 to 4
      Magic Penny in Kindergarten
      Vocal and Instrumental Music
      School 81 writing initiative
      YMCA partner for after school program
      Student Support Team


      Principal - Mr. Klaich

      Assistant Principal - Grades Pre-K to 4 - Ms. Cobbs

      Assistant Principal - Grades 5 to 8 - Mr. Shepherd

      Phone - 816-4060

      140 Tacoma Ave. 

      Buffalo, N.Y. 14216

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