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    Students can access all of their instructional software applications by logging in to Clever.

    Once they sign in to Clever, students will see icons for all of the various applications that are available to them.

    Note: some of these may require logging in for a second time using the same login information.

    Clever can be accessed through a web browser at this address https://clever.com/in/buffalo

    Families can load the Clever App onto phones and mobile devices.

    How does my child log in?


    Younger students can use printed badges to log in.

    A digital copy of these badges can be found in the Parent Portal via Infinite Campus Backpack at https://tinyurl.com/buffaloIC


    Click here to see how to access the badge

    If you do not yet have a Parent Portal login, a letter with activation information and instructions will be mailed to you within the coming days.

    Logging in with username and password: 

    Students will choose the option to Log in through Active Directory using their regular computer user name (their 900#) and password to sign in.

    Clever Resources 




    Lexia Core5  Clever  Lexia PowerUp

    Please be aware that although there is a Clever app for phones, Lexia does not have an app for phones.  Please try and access Lexia on a Windows device or a tablet.  If your only access is via phone, please use the following video to access the Clever programs especially Lexia.  


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