• Teacher Center Courses


    All Buffalo Public School staff must register for Buffalo Teacher Center courses in the PGS System. Non-public school staff may register online or by mail (form currently unavailable). All BTRC classes at the Teacher Center, East community High School, 820 Northampton Street, unless otherwise specified.

  • Teachers who register for more than the maximum of two (2) courses per 5-week session 

    will be removed from courses.

    Current Course Catalog


  • Course Registration Opens at 8:00 PM!
    May 2021 Calendar

    Courses run from May 20th – June 24th



    District Credit Policy


    Class Requirements:

    • A course can only be taken once for credit
    • Participants must:
      • Be part of the target audience and meet all requirements
      • Be on time and in attendance for all class sessions
      • Complete course project and submit to their presenter no later than one week after the project is submitted to the instructor. (If there are extenuating circumstances they must be discussed with your presenter. The presenter will contact the Director for guidance.)
    • Classes start at 4:30 p.m. M-F and 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays
    • Presenters are being paid to be at the BTRC 15 minutes prior to the start of class for setup


    Class Attendance and Make-up:

    • Missing more than 30 minutes (arrive Late or leave early) counts as a missed class
    • You may not miss more than one class per session. (If there are extenuating circumstances refer the participant to the Director.)
    • Teachers who are enrolled in more than one class in a session may only miss one class (no multiple absences in a Session)
    • If you miss a class, the course instructor will give a makeup project that reflects three hours of work for the class missed.