• The Emancipation Curriculum


    As a response to the twin pandemics of Covid-19 and systemic oppression and racism, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Guiding Principles have been included as foundational teaching strategies in an effort to center joy,  equity, empathy, and cultural relevance in the lives of students. As we address equity, anti-racism, social-emotional learning, and culturally responsive opportunities that edify Black and Brown voices in daily instruction, the National BLM Guiding Principles provide a strong equity framework for teaching and learning.  The said framework allows for us to build and teach ethnic curricula that infuse key learnings, historic contributions, and current events germane to the focus cultures of African Americans, Latinx, Indigenous, and  New Americans who are representative of the majority of the student population in the Buffalo Public Schools.



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     Emancipation Curriculum Timeline 



    What are people saying about the Emancipation Curriculum?

    "I love the depth of the CLRI Emancipation Lessons. In the past, lessons/curricula felt much more two-dimensional. Our students should feel like they are taking trips around the world constantly. This curriculum definitely does that. Wish I was able to learn that way when I was a kid! I wonder if I would have been able to focus and appreciate it all as I can now." 

    -Art Teacher, PBS ECC 82 A-D, F, BPS 59 E

    "These lessons are extremely informative and tell the stories from a more realistic viewpoint than the traditional history books."

    - Spanish Teacher, MST #197


    "Very thorough and include cross-cutting concepts across disciplines so the lessons I read (which were social studies focus) could still be used in my science classroom."

    - 7th Grade Science Teacher, BPS #93 


    "Very interesting and in-depth resources that can be incorporated into any subject."

    -Art Teacher, BPS #37


    "Very well thought out and organized lessons!  I'm excited for my daughter to have this curriculum in school."

    - Parent and Teacher's Assistant, BPS #156


    "These lessons make it so easy to infuse culture into everyday lessons...especially in Spanish"

    -Spanish Teacher, BPS #32 #43 


    "Hopefully these lessons will help the students to value and appreciate the differences among people and celebrate them instead of using them in a negative way."

    -Spanish Teacher, BPS #32, #43