SAMR Educational Model

Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition

What is SAMR?

  • A framework to help guide lesson planning with technology.  

  • Not intended to be additional work but merely a way of reflecting differently on technology use in lessons.

  • A guide to assist with determining if technology can lead to more meaningful skill acquisition and understanding amongst students. 

REDEFINITION  Technology allows for the creation of new  tasks, previously inconceivable  MODIFICATION  Technology allows for significant task redesign  AUGMENTATION  Technology acts as a direct substitute, with functional  SUBSTITUTION  Technology acts as a direct substitute, with no functional change

How to Determine SAMR Level? 

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine the SAMR level your activity may be at. Also use these questions to elevate your activity to another SAMR level.

Guiding Questions to Determine SAMR Level


Ask yourself?

Example (creative writing)


Do you want the technology to substitute the previous task?

Students type their story using a word processor.


Do you want the technology to increase or augment a student's productivity and potential in some ways?

Students type their story in a word processing program but use formatting features & writing tools like font size, margins, colors, spell check thesaurus, dictionary tool, sentence format tools.


Do you want the technology to significantly alter the learning task?

Students type their story using Word online or the Onedrive assignment tool. Students then share on Schoology to get feedback from their peers.


Do you want the technology to redefine a traditional learning task in a way that would not be possible without the tech, creating a novel experience?

Students transform their written stories into movies using storyboarding as well as digital tools like movie editing. Students can then publish online and receive global feedback.

SAMR Cycle

BPS Grade Level Protocol