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    The Buffalo Public School District is a participating city in the international Global Scholars Program. Multiple schools in the Buffalo Public School District are represented in this international program. Through a variety of multimedia communication methods, scholars connect with other peers from around the world to learn about each other's cities, a common global problem they are studying, and investigate solutions for solving this problem. All scholars participating in this program benefit by exploring connections with each other, advancing their digital literacy skills, and improving their communication skills. Participating schools: 30, 67, 74, 76, 79, 80, 81, 89, 92, 93, 156, 195.


    Global Scholars District Implementation Team:

    • Dr. Fatima Morrell, Associate Superintendent of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives
    • Dr. Kelly Baudo, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction
    • Dalphne Bell, Director of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives
    • W. Charles Brandy, Director of Social Studies
    • Sarah Edwards, Director of Instructional Technology
    • Tatiana Merrick, Director of Science
    • Max Grundy, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education
    • Pietro Mendola, Supervisor of World Languages
    • Nicole Buccilli, Data Coach


    Global Scholars 2020-2021 Accomplishments

    Buffalo Public School students are shining as they actively participating in Global Scholars Program. This year Global Scholars students are investigating the local and global impacts of consumption. Students have examined their own consumption, the sustainability of products they purchase and analyzed the effects of their consumption choices. They have also investigated how choices our city makes to produce and deliver resources, such as transportation and electrical grid, impact public health, ecosystems, and the economy. While examining city-systems students have focused on researching Buffalo's transportation system's accessibility and sustainability. To help give students more insightful information on the transportation department, Mr. Morrell,  the Deputy Director of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, was interviewed on his expertise of the system and that interview was delivered to the students by their teachers via Nearpod lessons. Click here to view Mr. Morrell’s, NFTA interview.


    To display their learning of the city systems, classes globally and here in Buffalo created community guides about the sustainability and accessibility of the system. Students also thoughtfully, gave recommendations on how to improve the accessibility of the transportation system. Out of hundreds of projects, four classes here in Buffalo were chosen as exemplars by the Global Cities team in New York City.  Those projects will be used as model projects globally and to be highlighted on social media.


    It is an honor for our district that the below projects were selected. This is a direct reflection on the excellence of the Global Scholars teacher teams.


    P.S 79, PFC William J Grabriarz School of Excellence Global Scholars Transportation System Project
    School 79's Global Scholars teaching team: Matthew Boyle, Sharon Davis, Rosangela Dexter, Amy Flynn, and Shane Hornquist


    P.S. 80, Highgate Heights Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project

    School 80's Global Scholars teaching team: Angela Beathley, Jeffery Filippelli, Atisha Lacey, Todd Robinson, and Stephanie Ventralino. 


    Two projects were selected from School 81!

    P.S. 81, Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project 1

    P.S. 81, Global Scholars Buffalo's Transportation System Project 2

     School 81's Global Scholars teaching team: Tara Bukowski and Jennifer Orengo


    Global Scholars 2020-2021 Theme:

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    For Units 3 and 4, the Global Scholars Program conducted community outreach interviews with James Morrell, Deputy Director of Public Transit for the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), and Don Paul, Meteorologist and Buffalo News journalist. These interviews have been great resources for the Global Scholars as they engage in themes of sustainability and accessibility. We thank Mr. Morrell and Mr. Paul for their support with this program!


    As part of their Unit 2 Digital Project, Global Scholars focused on the essential question, "What did you learn about paper and packaging consumption in your home or school when you took action?" The following photos are snapshots of the Project Powerpoints created by Buffalo Global Scholars to share with their peers around the world. 


    Global Scholars Student Projec

    School 80 Global Scholars Team

    Teachers: Angela Beathley, Jeffrey Filippelli, Atisha Lacey, Todd Robinson, Nicholas Santora, & Stephanie Vertalino


    Global Scholars Project Slide

    School 81 Global Scholars Team

    Teachers: Tara Bukowski & Jennifer Orengo


    Global Scholars Student Projec

    School 92 Global Scholar Team

    Teachers: Kathryn Berchou, Taloria Givens, Eric Hecker


    Global Scholars Student Project


    School 93 Global Scholars Team

    Teachers: Mary Beth White & Eileen Wszalek 

    Global Scholars Student Projec

    School 156 Global Scholars Team

    Teachers: David Milley & Kimberly Zaffram



    Global Scholars Student Projec

    School 156 Global Scholars Team

    Teachers: David Milley & Kimberly Zaffram


    For a 24 hour period, Global Scholars recorded how much paper, glass, metal, cardboard, and packaging their household consumed. They then engaged in virutal communication with their Global Scholars peers through posts on the Global Scholars platform. Below are two examples of student responses.

     Global Scholars Post


    Global Scholars Post





    Students at Water Filtration Plant

    Global Scholars from School 76 gain real-world experience at the Water Filtration Plant.


    Students at Water Filtration Plant

    Global Scholars learn where their water comes from at the Water Filtration Plant.


    Water quality testing

    A presentation on water quality testing is provided to the Scholars.


    Water clean up

    Global Scholars from School 45 engage in a cleanup along the water.


    Global Scholars project

    The final presentation from the Global Scholars team at School 195.