Learning Technology Grant Artifacts 2021-2022

  • Learning Technology Grant Artifacts 2021-2022


    Within the Annotated Timeline of LTG Meetings and Trainings linked below, you will find brief descriptions of year one planning meetings as well as a link to the year two, 2022-2023 Training Calendar with training documents attached. 

    Annotated Timeline of LTG Meetings and Trainings and 2022-2023 Training Calendar



    As a result of our planning meetings, the IT department created a number of student-friendly training guides for creating virtual field trips linked below:

    What is Storyboarding

    Sample -Story Board Outline

    Cinematography 101: Silent Storytelling

    Ten Video/Pics Rules for Newbies

    Virtual Field Trips Genre Study



    Our students eagerly began collecting and organizing footage from field experiences at the Harriet Tubman House and Burial Ground as well as various historically and culturally significant sites throughout the city of Washington D.C. in the 2021-2022 school year. These experiences provided students with innumerable opportunities to engage in developing culturally relevant artifacts and videography from each site.  Once students had organized their footage, they began the storyboarding process. The link below is a student created exemplar of a storyboard for Arlington National Cemetery.

    Student Exemplar: Arlington National Cemetery Storyboard



    Upcoming 2022-2023 Field Experiences: 

    Local & State Sites

    • Michigan Street Corridor
    • Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY
    • The Niagara Underground Railroad Museum
    • Niagara Arts and Cultural Center
    • Seneca Iroquois National Musuem