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    The Buffalo Public School District has developed a Helpline for parents and caregivers.  The Helpline is provided to assist you with answers to our most frequently asked questions.  When you place a call to the helpline, families who need to communicate in a language other than English must select option 3, then 1 for Multilingual. Please listen to the menu options that will allow you to leave a voicemail. 

    You will be contacted by the department that oversees your area of concern within 24 hours.


    Multilingual Families can call:

    (716) 816 - 7099 


    Translations :  الترجمات : Traducciones : ဘာသာပြန်ချက်များ : Tarjumaadaha : अनुवाद 
    Español عربى ဗမာ Somali नेपाली Karen