Advanced Placement Program

High school students in the Buffalo Public Schools have access to a variety of rigorous, college-level courses through the District’s Advanced Placement (AP) program.  Advanced Placement courses give high school students the option to complete college-level coursework and the opportunity to build the academic skills needed for college. Many colleges grant credit and/or placement in advanced college classes for qualifying scores* on AP Exams. District AP courses are open enrollment; all students are welcome to participate. Please see course descriptions for individual course prerequisites.

Increased student participation in AP is part of the district’s commitment to providing high-quality, rigorous coursework that enables students to be college and career ready. The district’s goal is to offer at least five AP and/or dual enrollment courses in all high schools over the next three years and to remove any barriers prohibiting participation. 

* Individual colleges/universities determine what scores they will accept. AP exams are scored by outside evaluators on a scale of 1-5. A score of 3 is the minimum accepted passing score.

Course Delivery Options

Advanced Placement courses are delivered through a variety of platforms to ensure students at each school have access to as many AP courses as possible.

Instructional options include:

  • Traditional: The students and teacher are in the classroom every day.

  • Learning Live: Students interested in a course that is not offered at their school use video conferencing on their 1:1 laptop to connect to the desired course at another Buffalo Public School in real time. Students can see and hear the class they are conferencing with, ask and answer questions, and participate in class discussions and group work. All materials for the class and assignments are accessible through Schoology.

AP Course Offerings

Subject Area

AP Course

The Arts/Music

AP Art and Design 2D


AP Art and Design 3D


AP Art and Design Drawing


AP Art History


AP Music Theory

Career and Technical Education

AP Computer Science Principles


AP Computer Science A


AP English Language and Composition


AP English Literature and Composition

History and Social Studies

AP Human Geography


AP Psychology


AP Seminar


AP US Government and Politics


AP US History


AP World History


AP Calculus A/B


AP Statistics


AP Biology


AP Environmental Science


AP Physics-C

World Languages

AP Spanish