Auction Information

District owned Equipment may be approved for Auction if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The cost for repaired exceeds the value of the Equipment

  • The equipment is no longer needed/wanted

  • The equipment is obsolete or has not value to the District


1)   Approval from the Department Director/Supervisor or School in which the asset belongs to is required prior to the Asset being Auctioned.

2)  Department Director or designee must submit a 'Maintenance' SchoolDude ticket.  When filling out the ticket request: Select 'Problem Type' of Move and include a description of the equipment/assets, the location, as well as the serial number and BPS asset tag# (if applicable).

       *If the serial numbers and/or tag #’s were not recorded on the SchoolDude request they must be recorded by someone on the Transfer Request for Auctioning Equipment Form


3)  After receiving the Equipment move request/Transfer request form, the Dispatch Supervisor should contact Cash Auctions, our preferred Auctioneer, to set up a viewing of the assets slated for Auction. At this meeting, the Auctioneer and the Dispatch Supervisor will determine the most appropriate method of Auction or disposal: Auction at Cash's warehouse; On-site Auction at a BPS location;  On-line Auction OR do not auction and use another method of recycling/disposal.

4)  The Request Ticket or Request form with the equipment details should be forwarded to the Audit Inspector to search for the equipment in District Inventories to be recorded. When the equipment is auction sold at auction that information should be reported to the Audit Inspector as well. 

5)  The Audit Inspector will then send the Fixed Asset equipment update to the Accounting Department for adjustment in MUNIS.